Helpful Guides and Tools

On this page you find guides and concepts that can help you designing and managing ICT4education solutions. 

We publish all our documents under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 and invite you to give us feedback, share and further develop our findings (terms see below). 

  1. The “First steps”-Guide (one page) helps beginners to avoid common pitfalls of starting an ICT4education project (en français / en español).
  2. The “TechGuide” (90 pages) provides practitioners and decision makers with practical advice on how to design and manage effective and sustainable ICT-based educational solutions. We have developed this guide with some 20 projects of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). 
  3. The Template Project Outline can guide you discussing and documenting your project ideas with your team.
  4. The Template for Strategy Development can help large scale projects to clarify strategic options.
  5. The Planning and Costing Excel can serve as a start to identify relevant cost items from the beginning of your planning.

The following slides give you a rough impression of the focus of these presentations. Please contact us, if you would like to hear more about our approaches.

  1. The E-Learning Decision Matrix: A “tool” to reflect on your goals and to analyse your context (slide deck with 6 commented pages).
  2. The E-Learning Landscape: A tool to discuss in your team which learning activities you could support with which media, to help learners reaching their learning goals (slide deck with 3 commented pages).
  3. ICT4VET learning activities: Examples of common learning activities, media functions and tools that can support these activities (PDF, 2 pages)

© We publish all our documents under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. You are welcome to copy and redistribute them in any medium or format. You may remix, transform and build upon our findings. Terms: You must
give appropriate credit and provide the above link to the license. If you mix, transform or build upon, you must distribute your contribution under the same licence.


In our presentations, we address key aspects of the design and management of ICT-supported learning for different communities.

Here you find links to some recent recordings of webinars with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.


Research findings

Some key publications on mobile learning and e-learning management:

  1. E-Learning Landkarte (in German): Article on the alignment of digital media with learning/teaching methods and learning goals.
  2. Entscheidungsmatrix (in German): Overview of context factors of the design of e-learning solutions.
  3. Facebook as s learning tool: Explorative study on the informal use of social mobile media by medical students in Nepal.
  4. Informal Mobile Learning in Nurse Education and Practice: Investigation of the use of smartphones in rural Africa.

For more publications of Christoph Pimmer, please visit “Learning Across Frontiers“, publications of Urs Gröhbiel: ResearchGate or GoogleScholar