Dr. Christoph Pimmer

Christoph Pimmer, PhD, has been working in the field of digital learning and knowledge media for more than 15 years. He has designed, implemented and evaluated a variety of projects and programmes in the areas of mobile and collaborative learning, gamification, networked knowledge communities, as well as the use of “Big Data” and artificial intelligence for learning and coaching.

Christoph has significant experience in leading on intercultural and interdisciplinary consulting, evaluation and research mandates in diverse application domains, such as school and workplace learning as well as training, e-collaboration and digital knowledge management in health contexts, international organisations, social enterprises, public administration, Swiss industry, and NGOs.  Christoph has been a visiting research associate at the Institute for Education University College London, the Columbia University New York and the Millennium Villages project in Malawi. He is currently a lecturer and researcher at the learning.lab of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.